I joined the PhotoMarathon hosted by Uxbridge this year, had a lot of fun and here are some of my favourite  images.


9d5fb-14540508_1041194605993449_331609270963404800_nYin & Yang

The Yin & Yang won a special prize in the opening.  It comes as a surprise in the camera that the image resemble slightly the Yin & Yang sign, a black dot in the midst of white and a white dot in the midst of black. I use a Sony A6000 and an on camera effect called ‘Polarised Black & White’ to take this photo.



This is another image that I love, it took me a while to settle on this final piece as it was raining in the morning, I had to run off and goes back to the back of Howick Library to take this photo.  It’s united to me in a sense that the different colours in the light spectrum united.


giving-wayGiving way

This is an impromptu one, just caught before the moment the boy swing down, and the parents were giving way.




It’s a portray of a stone found near a sewage facility, the changes of the colours and texture of a stone near the Howick beach.


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